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They Already Know Everything

The moral of the story, before the story.

Your customer did the research and they are informed, they do not need a sales pitch they need honesty.

Along with my college age daughter, we needed to buy a car.

I told Casey at JT’s that we could spend $10,000. There were no prices on the cars, but in a number of cases, we were told it was “less than 10”. First, we went inside so he could get a list of everything under 10 for us to look at, and of course he tried to sell us something new. Second, he went to get the perfect fit (from the list), that he knew was in the back of the lot. No dice, “it wasn’t ready”. Third, he brought up a clunker, my guess is that this was the car they all brought up, so we would buy something different. Finally, the car that was right in front of us the whole time was less that 10. We took it on a test drive, sunroof, side camera’s, all the bell and whistles, Toyota, medium miles, beauty, OK, let’s write it up! We hauled Mom in and sat at Casey’s desk. I told mom and daughter that Casey would come back and say he made a mistake and it was really more. Casey came back and said, “I made a mistake, it was more”, his sheet showed how I could finance the $15,000 car.

Bye Casey.
Thanks for wasting my time.
I have come to your dealership twice, there will not be a third time.

Next, we went back to the same lot that we bought our last two cars (Toyota of Rock Hill), loaded with the knowledge of what they had posted online.  Willy was honest and did not push us into anything. He walked around with us to cars that were tagged with a price and helped us find some options in our price point. He took us on a nice test drive and watched over us through the rest of the process, financing was fair and they delivered a nice car. How hard was that?

No matter what your product or service is, think about your “sales” process. Potential customers turn into return customers if you do it right.

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< super bowl

It seems that the Super Bowl is no longer a football game, it’s too bad, I love football, and I love the Super Bowl. Its tough to just watch the game … what commercial did you like? how was the halftime show? what are your friends saying? (and of course, I mean your friends on social, a good old fashion Super Bowl party is clearly out of the question). So anyway, I didn’t take notes, but 2 days later, if it stuck, it must be a thing.

Here is my 2 day old take.

The Game: There was definitely an element of a defensive struggle, no one can tell me that a 13-3 game was all bad play. With that said, I am a certified arm-chair quarterback and a 6 step drop on 3rd and 2, or the same on 4th and 1 .. probably a little suspect play calling. Shout out to Stephon Gilmore and South Pointe High School, Rock Hill, SC for the big D effort.

Commercials: I’ll let Ad Age do the analysis, I’ll just leave you with this … Game of Thrones / Bud Light was the best, it just was. Everyone loves to hate those damn dilly dilly commercials and the rest of that nonsense. Close second is Doritos, Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys (the best music we saw all night … yes, I said it).

Halftime Show: TBH, I’m not a big fan of any halftime show in recent memory, I think the last performer that I confess to be a fan of was The Who in 2010. But, I can appreciate a good show (I’m talkin to you Katy Perry). With that said, this show was just bad, the voice, the shirt (lack of), it just didn’t work … Adam, Adam, Adam.  And the whole Spongebob thing, no, please, no.

Social: The highlight of the event for me was following #SuperBowl on Twitter … in the first half. In the second Spongebob took over (didn’t he used to have square pants?) and my fun was over. @mental_floss was the social winner.  I also enjoyed the work @snickers did, well done.

There you have it.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

FMSC, wake, 3a, stretch, nap, fight, wake, coffee, pack, coffee, pack, clean, dress, pack, drive, arrive, bus, arrive, CLT, drop, screen, freedom, coffee, wait, board, fly, bounce, bounce, arrive, DC, reminisce, wait, board … love, time, death … arrive, bus, uber, in, lunch, set, meet, clean, work, uber, Elton, tour, social, drive, Blvd, BBQ, Radler, network, family, shuttle, arrive, work, sleep, KCMO.

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I think I am getting soft ….

I love reading books by and about musicians. I have less than 0% music ability. My only music talent is turning the volume up and getting to the rail at most metal shows.

I am half way through this one, and wish I had highlighted my way through the thoughts he has shared. I doubt the Dorchester County Library would appreciate that, but then, who is picking up this book in St George, SC? Corey Taylor … thought provoking … true story.

I was having a conversation with a PAX in the gloom (def. friend I work out with) about … where are you from? We have both lived in Fort Mill for 12 years, both are in our mid-40’s (I know, you had no idea I was that old), and have both moved around through the years. This is the place I have lived the longest since growing up, so, am I from here? Corey suggests that you are from 2 places (I may be a bit loosy goosy on that interpretation) 1. The place you grew up, and, 2. the place that defined you. I’ll buy that, but, am still not sure about #2.

Get on with it … why are you getting soft?

I confess, over the years, I have listened to most every kind of music. Lately (the past 10 years … Fort Mill years) I have gone back to my metalhead roots, Testament, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Death Angel, Exodus and the list goes on. In a month, Exodus and Obituary are open a tour in Durham, I’m in. It has been a good year for shows, Seputura, Kreator, Obituary, Testament, Armored Saint, Iron Maiden, Ghost and even the legendary Diamond Head.

Do you have a point?

As I write this, I am listening to Stone Sour (Corey made me do it) … On purpose, I turned on Volbeat more than once in the last year … a co-worker recommended Tool last weekend, and there I am, getting my grunge on. I’m not sure I like the way this is going … that’s not a knock on that which is not thrash metal, it’s actually growing on me, so it may be a compliment … and I may have to download Hydrograd.

Family, work, music, friends, Fort Mill, PAX, travel, hobbies, age (you are not a spring chicken anymore) … you are all part of the last 12 … which probably makes that my answer to #2.

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Your First 15 Lives

  At age 3 the deja vu kicks in and you start to realize that you have been here before, by age 4, you remember it all, from age 3 to 60 or 70 something … whenever you passed of natural causes. A lifetime of knowledge and clear memory … and you are 4. Typically, your kind will go crazy at this point, you end your second, and 4 years later, you are in your 3rd life with a bit more understanding of the situation.

In later lives you realize you can manipulate the situation and live comfortably. You can change what you want, and leave the rest the same. You find others who are in your same situation, and you help each other. After a half dozen lives you realize there are good and bad people of your kind, messing with history and creating the future. You can choose to fight the fight … or use your knowledge for good … or lay low and continue to improve the same thing, life after life.

At this point, you are pretty sure that if you go, you will be back. You can be careless or carefree. You can try it again and again, in hopes of getting it right. 

Would you take the same journey, life after life?

With the same people?

In the same place?

I can’t say that I would take Harry’s road. I don’t need to manipulate the future, nor stop others from doing so. I could not watch a former life go by, while I choose another. I would be comfortable with peace in knowing and avoiding.

… and I would definitely bet on the Packers in ’96 and 2010.

Definitely worth the read.

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Another Lotus Flower?

vegasDear Las Vegas,

I love you. I hate you. I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

Those who indulge, indulge at the highest levels, and love it. You can feel the desperation in the air, those who are desperate, show desperation like none other and I hate to see that.

5am East Coast work time. Sleep is a luxury. All senses are working OT.

Your air is bad, really bad. Your water is worse. $.99 Arizona Ice Tea is my hero. You shouldn’t have built on a desert.

On the strip, I saw a police office covering a body with a tarp, after the area had been taped off for hours. I hope things were not as they seemed.

Thank you Giordano’s, for joining the party, and my maiden voyage at IN-N-OUT Burger, well done.

FTR, I broke even with a late win, but was willing to pay for the love of the game.

If there is a doctor on the plane, please push your call button … I blame Vegas

Until next time … take care …

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Throwing a Pumpkin of the Roof

This happened in 2016. EPIC. Do not miss the special guest appearance.

The long awaited sequel to Throwing A Watermelon Off The Roof is finally completed. Camerawoman & Gaffer – G$, Director & Producer – #TheChad, Special Guest Appearance – Mannequin Head

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What’s in a Title?

Funny thing titles, a good book title can pull you in, you can commit based on the title. My last two months of books were an interesting lot, a few, chosen for the title.  I read “Open Doors: small print, small print, small print” (and a big picture of Jim Morrison on the front)… I paid $1.99 on Kindle for it, the worst 2 bucks I ever spent and the worst book I ever read. I read “Metallica, This Monster Lives” (insert excitement for a book about Metallica). The small print …The inside story of the hit film, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, but, it was good. In “Thirst”, Russian war veterans were searching for a comrade, and … drinking Vodka. Here is the full compliment for March & April …


Favorite (non-business book): Do Travel Writers Go to Hell? … loved this one, a great story about how completing a project, and a project that everyone seems to think highly of, was a hellish (or maybe awesome) journey.

A great “business” book: Though I often find it very difficult to get through “most” business/work type books, Steal Like An Artist, was excellent and taught me three lessons that I will always remember. 1. There is no original material, everything has been done, find what you like, and make it better. 2. Before you ask a question, Google it, you will either get the answer or ask a better question. 3. Consider daily: what is the best thing that happened to you today? (write it down).

Currently Reading: Lost On Planet China, J. Maarten Troost

Wish List: something by Robert A. Heinlein

About half the lot (The Stranger, both Hitchhiker’s Guides, Shipwrecked and Open Doors) was read on Spring Break, warm mornings, hot coffee, a porch facing the ocean and the sunrise and a good book. You can’t beat it.

I also caught this beauty on Spring Break …



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I Believe Introductions Are In Order

For some reason near the end of 2015, the topic of reading came up at work with a number of people (2 to be exact). Though I read, when it comes to consistency, I lack the patience … patience … let’s go with that.

Jan 1, I put a little more effort into it and fortunately had vacation to begin the year, read about that HERE. Below is my visual list for Jan & Feb, 2016.

A friend at work introduced me to Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and Slaughterhouse-Five and I followed with my wife’s copy of Cat’s Cradle. I’ll read more from him.

My wife introduced me to J. Maarten Troost … if you never have, you must. I started with The Sex Lives of Cannibals.

Overall, they were all good reads (and re-reads)

jan feb

Favorite: The Sex Lives of Cannibals, J. Maarten Troost … but, as I said, I enjoyed them all

Currently Reading: Getting Stoned with Savages, J. Maarten Troost

Wish List: Dark Days: A Memoir: D. Randall Blythe

“Everyone” Keeps Telling Me To Read: Catch-22, Joseph Heller (and I know there is a college professor who required me to read this years ago)

That Which Eludes Me: The strength to pick up a business book and read about my trade.  Though I consume business media daily, the book is tough


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It’s All About Goals


I was on vacation for the new year, and since we all set goals in a new year, I thought it be best to set and achieve some goals right off the top of the year.  My goals for the beginning of 2016 (actually the first 3 days) were as follows:

  • relax on a deck/beach chair for 50% of my waking hours
  • nap on said deck/beach chair as needed
  • have a whisky or 2 on the same beach chair
  • break in my new snorkeling gear
  • eat what I want, when I want, with a specific focus on bran muffins for breakfast and steaks and salad for dinners
  • enjoy a couple shows, comedy and/or stage production
  • read 3 books (pictured above) … George Orwell – Down And Out In Paris And London … Albert Camus – Exile And The Kingdom … Siddhartha – Hermann Hesse

All goals were accomplished, I am off to a good start in 2016.

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