Posted by: Chad | November 7, 2009

Of course it’s TWITTER

I have recieved many pieces of advice prior to starting this blog……what should you blog and when should you blog?  I have decided to ignore some (or maybe most) of the advice and have some fun.  In the future I hope to blog about everything and anything, from my day fishing to humor in the workplace, I also may let my 7 year old post a blog.  Anyway, I posted the following on Alaister Low’s social media forum and I thought it would be a fine way to make my first post.  Right now, I think Twitter could be the real deal for business & professional communication.  It is the #1 topic at every conference I go to, so why not put in my 2 cents.  I called this one “Adding Quality Followers”

I send tweets for myself (@chad4404), my employer (@tropicalfoods), a brand (name in transition, trademark issue) and a local car repair shop in Charlotte, NC (@automexellence).  I do not use any type of follower adding software and that is probably evident from the number of followers.

With that said, my goal for followers was very simple.

For myself, I wanted people who were interested in what I have to say, marketing thought leaders and people who share the same interests as I do.  To achieve my goal, I followed people in hopes of them following back and tweeted relevant content.  Though not everyone follows you back the numbers grow steadily.  I follow every marketing thought leader that I can (including Alaister) and through tweeting at internet/social media conferences, those people who I look to as thought leaders have steadily followed me back.  I would love to have 2,000 instead of 200 followers, but I also want active relevant followers.

For the company I work for and one of it’s brands, I wanted food establishments in our delivery area to follow us.  I used many Twitter directories to follow companies that I wanted to follow us.  I also tweet content on food and recipes.  My feeling is to tweet relevant information.  I believe people follow @tropicalfoods to hear about food, not re-tweets on the news or funny pet stories.  Keep your tweets real, but keep them on point if you are tweeting for a company.

For my friends car repair shop, my goal was to simply get followers in Charlotte, NC.  To start this account, I followed the top 400 twitter accounts in Charlotte (based on a twitter directory that I like).  To date, a little over 100 have followed us back.  I spend very little time with this account and do not tweet often enough, but, in the future, I think the formula is to follow the right people and send out good, relevant tweets.

In addition, to the strategies I mentioned, also keep in mind the following:
1.  Links back and forth from your website and other online accounts
2.  Mention your Twitter account on all off-line print material
3.  Tweet at an event, use hashtags and re-tweet industry appropriate material
4.  Remember, you are building relationships, listen & engage

Stay active, the number of inactive Twitter accountes is staggering.  Twitter is not a magic bullet.  Just like anything else, you only get out of it what you put into it.  Measure your success in quality as opposed to quantity, unless quantity is the goal.



  1. Thank you, Chad for the Twitter reminder. I’m the owner of my freelance copywriting business and while I have a Twitter account, I do not tweet and therefore, have no followers. I did all the social networking stuff in college and then I got over it. I’m not interested in getting back into it either, but as you say, everyone whose anyone is talking about it and doing it.

  2. (I pressed Enter before I was finished!)

    …For the continued success of my business, I’m afraid I’ll have to start tweeting and building a network. You advise posting relevant content to gain relevant followers. Got it. Any other Twitter tips?


  3. Thank you for the comments Amber. An additional suggestion would be to send out pictures and links. Followers seem to open pictures and links, if it are good information, you can only assume they will continue to open them. Thanks again.

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