Posted by: Chad | November 14, 2009

Pizza & Perry

As a typical Saturday starts on a no commitment weekend, I sleep in to a solid 7:30 and start a pot of coffee which I drink until it is gone (I have to limit myself).  The kids are excited because a new Phineas and Ferb was taped last night and they watch it with breakfast.  As I love to cook, my head goes to, “what will I make this weekend”.  with the Badger game at lunch on Saturday and the Packers Sunday, I have some options.  but I go with what got me here, PIZZA.

If I could take one food with me to a deserted island, it would be pizza.  In my early years in Madison, WI, nothing beat Rocky Rococo’s.  A deep dish with a light and fluffy crust, fresh or cold, it was the best.  Yes, I am one of those people, cold pizza is just as good.  Now, I the neighborhood NY style pizza is good (Carmella’s) or Donato’s thin crust does the trick, but, if I had my choice, I would eat a Chicago Deep Dish, Giordano’s is my favorite.  I usual am fortunate to travel once a year to Orlando and once to Chicago, so the need for cheese is filled.

I have never tried a deep dish at home, but will surely find the right pan and do it some day.  Until then, I will continue to make the greek influenced homemade pizza.  I am sure this came from a published recipe at one point, but I try to put a different spin on it.  I don’t make crust from scratch, so I start with the “just add water” pizza crust, usually the store brand.  Instead of sauce, use pesto (I like Classico brand).  Top the pizza with green olives, black olives, mozzarella, “pizza blend cheese”, artichokes (jar), red onion, fresh sliced mushrooms and cooked chicken (short cuts from Perdue work great).  Now you are ready to cook it.

Cook it the same you would a frozen pizza, 425-450, and watch it until the top gets as brown as you want it (does anyone really time a pizza?).  A few other hints: don’t pile it too high, mix up the ingredients on top instead of layering it, don’t be to light on the olives and most importantly, EAT IT COLD.

Enjoy your day of football.



  1. This sounds like a great day, especially the coffee :-). Have a good weekend!

  2. Have you ever made a gluten free crust?

  3. I have never made gluten free. I assume you have. Is there a mix? or from scratch? please share…..

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