Posted by: Chad | November 17, 2009

The Poker Table

My plan was to blog about the players at my Monday night game. Typically we have 3-4 tables of 10 and the characters are plentiful. I figured I could put together a nice little piece on the way I spend Monday night. I show up and 12 other players show, so here we are with the smallest game in recent history, 6 at one table, 7 at the other.

Dealer – the dealer who also plays is an infrequent visitor, most famous for bringing the drunk guy who was waving a stool around the rebuilt cars. He is in no danger of winning.

#2 Next comes by buddy, sitting in the same seat every Monday and getting into every hand. He has already tripled up tonight, giving the first knock to #4 and #5. He has a chance to get into the money, but will most likely try a massive bluff and get caught.

#3 The Fisherman. This guy will collect some chips along the way, and as someone just pointed out, “I can’t get him to fold, can I?” The answer is NO. He will see a lot of flops, a lot of turns and a lot of rivers.

#4 The player who everyone says used to be good. Good thing he just won last hand, or he would have been gone already. For some reason this guy is always gone early, they say he used to win years ago, but I have never seen it. It seems to me that he calls bad hands and gets all worked up when he loses them. No danger of winning here.

#5 The sister of #2. She seems to always be around. She just went all in and turned the boat. Good thing, I like collecting her chips. Wow AQ with nothing on the board and she bet it out, loses the hand. All in again, claims she has the winning hand. All in with middle pair. She is gone.

#6 Me

#7 The suck out Queen. But, she can win, and has many times. I have never really figured her out, she has knocked me out before, I have knocked her out before. I believe she won last week.

#7 just took 25% of my chips. Blinds are at 100-200, I am 3rd stack out of 6 at the table. Time to tighten up.

The two small tables should be getting together soon. No typing at the “final table”, rules, rules

The Fisherman knocked me out, his AQ against my JJ. He finished 3rd. Heads ups, the player who everyone says used to be good against #2 (my buddy).

Finally over, my buddy takes half the bounty’s in play, the mystery bounty and 1st place.


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