Posted by: Chad | January 3, 2010

Branding with Interactive Marketing

A short time ago I had the opportunity to facilitate a discussion group at the American Marketing Association meeting in Charlotte.  I wanted to share my notes, as I said I would.

Branding you COMPANY, your CAREER and YOU with Interactive Marketing
– Everyone could see everything you say on the internet (or assume that)
– What you say can reflect on your company and your career

Where can you brand yourself and your company?
Website/Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook

Discussion Points

•Who is on what?

•Do you separate what you do in different Social Media outlets? Or between personal and professional?

•Consider your brand for you and your company, what do you want to be seen as?

•Do you spend a lot of time?  Does it take a lot of time?

Strong Personal Brands:

Chris Brogan Twitter, @chrisbrogan Book, “Trust Agents” Website,

• Dan Schawbel Twitter, @danschawbel Book, “Me 2.0” Website,

• @shashib

@garyvee (author “Crush It”)


•Listen, Listen, Listen, then join the conversation

•Let everyone see everything, if you have a secret, use the telephone

•Mix between family, high school friends, new friends, business associates, customers, vendors, future employers & bosses >> who gets what (everyone gets everything)

•Follow thought leaders and like minds on Twitter

•Watch what your competition or the big players in your industry are doing

•Consistent profiles


•Everyone (including LinkedIn & Facebook) are feeding into Twitter

•What does your picture say?

•Public conversation, anyone can hear (see)

•More personal branding than products

•Mix of professional & personal

(@armano @kbodnar32 = good personal/professional brand image)


•Wordpress is a free blogging format

•Comment on other blogs •Consider visual content


•Your personal brand page

•Groups with like minds, jobs, business opportunities, networking & more


•Started (and continues) as a personal networking/connecting tool, is growing into a business connecting tool

•Who does a good job branding? –Kellogg’s Pop Tarts –Skyline Chili –Coke –Starbucks

•Are you the brand that is on Facebook?

•Do you limit your connections?

•Friend your Mom




Buffalo Nuts on Facebook




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