Posted by: Chad | January 31, 2010

Movies I watched in January

As the month wrapped up, movies watched totaled 9.  My favorite was “Avatar”, a close #2, “I Love You, Man”

January 1, Harry Potter 6, The Half-Blood Prince (2009):  This was the 4th time I have seen this movie.  I saw it twice in the theater and twice on DVD.  As you can imagine, with children of 7 and 9, we have read all of the books and seen all of the movies to date.  This movie was very good, but seemed to be a bit of a filler before they wrap up the series next year.  I would call this a multiple watch, but probably only for those that have read the series.

January 3, Body of Lies (2008):  I was very pleasantly surprised with the acting of Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio in this movie.  There was action, terrorists and of course a love interest, which the movie could have done without.  This is some of Leo’s better work, along the lines of The Departed (2006) and Gangs of New York (2002).  Little Arnie Grape has grown up.  In all seriousness, Leo did a good job and played a hard-ass that you could get behind.  Crowe was equally as good playing the old guy back in Washington who knew everything and apparently pulled all the strings.  The movie was well done with the exception of the spy camera scenes, a little unrealistic for me.  I would recommend this movie for a single view, the classic DVR and erase, yup, I saw it.

January 8, National Treasure 2, Book of Secrets (2007):  Once again, this one was a one and done, but am glad I saw it once.  Nicolas Cage was good and played the part of Ben Gates very well.  I got to thinking, what else was Nick good in?  I looked back through his past movies and found nothing I really was nuts over.  I liked him in Raising Arizona (1987) and Leaving Las Vegas (1995).  I do remember he was good in Adaptation (2002), but can not remember one thing about the movie (that is never a good sign).  Nick’s sidekick in the movie, Riley, was a like-able character, but then the stunts that those two pulled could never happen.  It makes you think about the secrets that the government knows, but who cares.  It was good enough that I will probably watch the first of the two NT movies.

January 9, Avatar in 3-D (2009):  This movie was very cool in 3-D.  I believe this was the first movie I have ever seen in 3-D.  I will be back for more.  The visual elements of this movie were awesome.  I could do without the “big bad US military” angle.  The story line was similar to Pocahontas.  Bottom line, I would recommend seeing this in 3-D, you will walk out satisfied that you just saw something you have never seen before, cutting edge technology.

January 14, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009):  The kids like this movie and it’s not a bad watch if you are watching a movie with the kids.  Makes you wonder how many movies Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller are in together.  Owen Wilson is always funny, and once again hit the spot.  Ben Stiller is hit or miss for me, but was good in this one.  If you have kids, it is worth watching with them and a good DVD to have for future watching with them.

January 15, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (2009): Yeesh!, I guess some movies are just kids movies.

January 21, I Love You, Man (2009): Paul Rudd and Jason Segel were hilarious.  Actually, the whole damn movie was hilarious.  There was a dude named Tevin.  Sydney rode a scooter with a bad ass motorcycle helmet.  The dog’s name was Anwar Sadat.  Projectile vomiting.  The Incredible Hulk.  RUSH.  There were many times were I just could not look at what was going to happen next, and turned my head.  Highly recommended, the funniest movie I have seen in a long time and would watch it again.

January 29, Happy Feet (2006):  Kid’s birthday eve movie

January 30, Red Dawn (1984): Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen as teens fighting the Soviets and Cubans after they invade the US, nice!  If you like movies from the 80’s, this had the classic crew of characters, Swayze, Sheen, C. Thomas Howell, Jennifer Grey & Lea Thompson.  You kept waiting for Michael J Fox to fly in and take Lea back to the future, for Darrel to crack Ponyboy upside the head, or for Swayze and Grey to break out in dance.  Really, this was the classic Cold War movie, and who else should take on the big bad Russians but Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen.  Check it out (again)!


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