Posted by: Chad | February 2, 2010

“Tools” I Can’t Live Without

Last week, I was asked for an email of a vendor that I am contact will once a year at best.  so, to find an email, I have to (1) look for the card, (2) in my Outlook contacts, or (3) start the name in Outlook and let the options come up.  Because the first two are reserved for immediate projects and when I have the time, the third was the best option (and a good one).  I was reminded of what technology and “tools” I can’t live without.

  1. (above) The memory in Outlook when you start an email
  2. Pay at the pump gasoline
  3. Cruise control (yes, there are still cars without)
  4. Pilot Pens, G-2 (I frieken love Pilot Pens)
  5. The Digital Camera
  6. Flip Video (awesome)
  7. The knowledge if the internet I have gained over the last 8 months
  8. DVR
  9. Check Cards
  10. Online banking & paying bills online

Many of these may be a luxury, but consider your day-to-day without them………(except maybe the pen)



  1. EZ Pass for me in Maryland would make my list.

  2. Definitely would be the TiVo…it completely changed the way I watch television. Best Christmas gift I ever got.

    Enough about the pen…:)

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