Posted by: Chad | February 11, 2010

Lessons from Social Fresh

Following is what I learned from Social Fresh, tips from speakers, things I need to try, words of wisdom etc.

My experience can best be described by my tweets and re-tweets from #sofresh.  Please credit the great collection of speakers at the event for delivering this content.  I get to screen them again, so here are the good ones.

From @chad4404

campaigns are “me, me, me, look at me”, movements are other people talking about you –@spikejones session

movements have more meaning than campaigns, talk to people not at people

great session about movements vs. campaigns – reframe the conversation, find the passion conversation #sofresh

Find someone who is passionate rather than influential, those who are passionate talk about you again and again and again #sofresh

great session @spikejones #sofresh q’s came up about needing agency vs. doing yourself, from the client side – Get a good agency – really – The Holy Grail@maggiefox #sofresh

RT @bdrescher Investment, influence and interaction = three ways to look at I in ROI#sofresh

In small biz, employees need to 1st understand the value of social media f/ @marc_meyer #sofresh

Have a reason to use SM internally, generate enthusiasm, create ideas, save time, must have a reason f/ @hksully #sofresh

moving forward you need to know social, search, social search and mobile #sofresh

good idea from Small Business Roundtable#sofresh “train your customers to use social media”

Inbound Marketing #sofresh RE: Social Media 1. Listen 2. Listen More 3. Build Relationships 4. Share Own Content, repeat…………

great comments about “the content mindset”@rickburnes #sofresh (Inbound Marketing)

Provide guidance in the industry, talk about your industry, don’t always focus on your own stuff #sofresh

The engagement and relationships will produce the leads #sofresh

Most important things to measure? share of conversation in industry, increase revenue, decrease cost, increase brand value #sofresh

RT @AlxRodriguez: SM didn’t invent criticism, so don’t fear it just bcz it’s now visible!#SoFresh

Good spread at the reception, I have been thinking of cheese all day #sofresh

That’s it, great conference!


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