Posted by: Chad | February 13, 2010

Get Your Piece of the Pie

Are you out of work because of a bad economy?

Is your small business suffering because of the bad economy?

Earlier this week, I was at a conference and the question was asked of me….what do think needs to happen for this economy to get back on track?

(We won’t get into how bored this person must have been to #1 talk to me and #2 ask me about the economy)

Rather than a smile and a canned answer, I thought I would let this person know what happens when I get a chance to talk.

My theory on the economy:

If you are a small business, looking for the right market to get into or if you haven’t turned it up a notch yet, think about the bad economy this way……

You have a pie, let’s say apple pie, no, blueberry pie.  You slice that pie into 16 portion control pieces.  Your company, your effort or your scope of influence equals 1/16th of that pie.  Keep in mind, you are the little guy.  The pie was reduced by 25% (exaggerated for effect).  This represents a down economy.  Keep in mind those folks who had a part of the 16 pieces are now fighting for 12 pieces.

Now, competition is stiffer and the dollars are thinner.  BUT, you only had 1/16th in the first place.  The point is, there is still plenty of pie out there, it is time to turn in up a notch and get a bigger piece of the pie.  Change the way you do things, work harder, market your products differently.

I understand why larger companies are affected by a down economy, but for the little guy or the start up.  Get your piece by doing it better, now is the time.

And with that answer, the person who asked the me the question ran for her life.


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