Posted by: Chad | March 1, 2010

Movies I watched in February

After a solid movie month in January, I started out February with a baseball movie, one I had surprisingly never seen.

The Rookie (2002):  The movie started a bit slow until Jimmy grew up to be Dennis Quaid.  And then, who is married to?  Crazy Brenda from Six Feet Under.  I know she has a name,  but will she ever be anyone but  Brenda?  A decent movie that kept you in it and interested.  I will put it right up there with (probably a tic under) Bull Durham, Field of Dreams and Major League.  Check it out.

Sunshine Cleaning (2008): Amy Adams is great, right up there with her Amelia Earhart deal in Night at the Museum.  Alan Arkin was good as well, not quite as good as his deal in Little Miss Sunshine, but still the crazy father he plays so well.  And then there was Chloe, very good on 24, but equally as good in Sunshine Cleaning, there was a little edge to her that you had to like.  The story was OK, a bit humorous at times.  The kid was funny as he gets kicked out of school for licking his teacher.  It was a short movie, about an hour and a half, so if you have a little time, watch it.

The Express (2008):  A good movie about Ernie Davis, Heisman Trophy Winner, and the struggles and racial tensions he faced during segregation, along with his early death to Leukemia.  It was eye opening to see how many racist idiots there were in this country, not so long ago.  Definitely does not make you want to see a game at WVU.  Anyway, Dennis Quaid was excellent, as was Rob Brown as Ernie Davis.  It also makes you wonder what happened to Syracuse football, no offense fans.  Whether you a fan of football or not, it was a good movie worth seeing.



  1. Dennis Quaid is great to watch, especially in The Rookie. I saw Sunshine Cleaning and I really liked it. I thought there was a great rapport between Amy Adams and Emily Blunt.

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