Posted by: Chad | April 17, 2010

Customer Service at it’s BEST

Yes, I said it, best ever.

6 months ago, my wife started planning a vacation for spring break (last week).  We had not taken a vacation since Iceland 4 years ago, so it was about time.  She found a very inexpensive cruise to Central America and suggested it.  I (or our family) had never been on a cruise and I did not picture myself as a cruise guy, but agreed (as if I had a choice anyway).

What I found was a magical land of great salespeople, marketers and most of all, employees dedicated and passionate about delivering the best possible customer service on the planet.  This land was the Carnival Miracle.

Sami Tukiran was our Stateroom Steward.  If you saw him or his staff in the hall that would greet you with a smile and by name.  They asked the girls names and addressed them politely each time they saw them.  Their timing was impeccable  If we showered before dinner, our bathroom was back in order and our beds were turned down after dinner.  Each time we left our room, they were right behind us cleaning up and, of course, leaving a towel animal (the girls loved these).  These guys were amazing.  This service was perfect.

Rolando was our Head Waiter and Hermann was our Team Waiter in the Bacchus Dining Room.  They were spot on, every meal we had, every course they served and every item we ordered.  They even surprised with the little things that only come with experience, such as, pouring hot water is a water glass containing too much ice.  They set and cleared silverware for each course without flaw.  The food was great, the perfect temperature and always correct.  Dragan Radisic served me a beer each night at dinner.  On the third night he greeted me by name and knew my flavor.  He always politely asked my wife each night and was denied, and always offered me a second, which I never had.  Perfect service all the way around.

To top it all was the way these and every staff member on the boat treated my children.  It is very easy to ignore or give less than normal service to 8 and 9 year olds, but they were treated perfectly and as adults throughout the trip.

I could go on and on with, “did they do that?” moments.

Each and every business providing customer service should consider finding a way to provide “Carnival Service”.  It will change your customers forever.

(much more coming from the trip)



  1. Sounds great, the best service I have ever had was at Disney World, perfect in every aspect.

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