Posted by: Chad | May 27, 2010

“In Person” Relationships are King

Last month I wrote a short article for our company newsletter, I would like to share.  To put it in perspective, the grapevine told me some folks feared that the internet would take their jobs.  I understand that the internet can sell product, but I have neither seen it visit a purchaser and shake his/her hand, nor have I seen the internet prepare a meal with a chef.  Either way, it makes for a good message.

When will a computer replace YOU?

In this age of digital marketing, customers and prospects can be communicated with through many different mediums.  If a customer wants to contact a supplier, they can email, tweet, fill out a website form, post on a Facebook page, text them or reach them through any number of digital channels.  Why would they ever need to see or talk to another human being again?  The answer is because they want to.  90% of customers involved in B to B transactions prefer face-to-face interaction.  These same people may listen on Twitter or Facebook, request information from your website or email their vendor an order.  But, the bottom line is, face-to-face interaction is KING.  Everything else is a tool, some are very good tools.  The next time a customer needs a picture of an item, send them a link rather than a catalog.  If a customer asks for a recipe recommendation, tell them to listen on Twitter, they will get great recipes every week.  If a prospect wants to know more about us, send them to our YouTube site or our Facebook Fan page.  With that said, always remember, the computer will never beat a sales rep with a well stocked toolbox.


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