Posted by: Chad | July 1, 2010

June Movies

I saw a lot of “recent” releases this month, ah, the joys of Red Box!

District 9 (2009) – What may appear to be a “normal” documentary-ish movie is a flick about ALIENS.  I love it!  Throwing a bit of the absurd into what looks like a relatively normal situation is perfect.  I liked it and would recommend.  FYI… blood and guts included.

Shutter Island (2010) – Great movie, Leo knocked it out of the park.  Rent it, buy it, see it and see it again, I will, I have to.  You almost have to go back and see what you missed once you know the ending.  highly recommended.

Up In The Air (2009) – WOW this was nominated for an Academy Award?, George, George, George.  Last month I wasted a portion of my life watching “Men Who Stare At Goats” and did I learn my lesson? Hell no! The very next month I sat down to another George Clooney TORTURE.  Please George, put the car in reverse, you have done a couple good ones (Burn After Reading, O’ Brother…., Oceans IIIIII), you can get back there.

Prior to sending this “review”, I talked to a person who liked the movie.  I believe the point was that there was no dramatic change in the character and he ended up alone just like he started (or something like that).  I will stick with my “review”.  I found no character that I liked (except Clooney’s brother-in-law in Wisconsin).  There was a lot going on with very little meaning…….sorry camera dude, see you next shoot.

An Education (2009) – And another nominated movie…….? really?  Do you really accept the premise that a 35-40 yr old adult picks up a 16 yr old and convinces her AND HER PARENTS to let him do what he did?  The movie was well put together, but I could not get past the twisted set up of the movie.

Alice in Wonderland (2010) – Well that explains it, I always thought Alice was a bad golfer, now I know, she is a dragon slayer.  Really, It was fine, the girls liked it, the actors were good.  I had heard J Depp was bad and I would say the exact opposite.  It would have been good in the theater in 3-D, see it in 3-D if you get the chance.

HP3 (2004) – movie night with the girls


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