Posted by: Chad | July 3, 2010

Good Location-Based Marketing on Foursquare

I should have named it a novice view of “Good Location-Based Marketing on Foursquare”

While on a recent trip to the beach, I checked in on Foursquare at “Isle of Palms Beach” and I received a notification that there was a special nearby.  The special nearby was:

@ Ben & Jerry’s – Isle of Palms: While you’re in the hood, you should hit up the Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop! Check in and get 3 scoops for $3! Show that you’re mayor and and get an extra scoop on us

My first thoughts were:

  • WOW, what a great use of Foursquare, I am sure there are a 100’s of people who check in near this location and would love to knock out an ice cream after the beach.
  • This is the first “check in” promo I have seen, with an added boost for the “mayor”, great concept.

I did very low level checking into this promo (low level, I am a “corporate” marketer, not an agency guy) and realized it is either very new, or, it is not working.  The location only had 16 checkins from 11 people one week ago and today it has 6 additional checkins today.  Considering the time of year, I would suspect it is a new promo and by the end of the summer they may get a 100 or so people taking advantage of their Foursquare special.  Overall, I thought, very cool, the marketing goosebumps ensued.

I have personally engaged Foursquare since the day it was introduced in Charlotte.  I have read articles and considered many of the angles of “A GAME” vs. “A BUSINESS TOOL”.  From a novice (Lisa Smith is an expert if you need one), following are some of my observation:

  • There is no value in cheating, so don’t cheat, if you have to be at the location to take advantage of a promo, checking in from the other side of town has no point.
  • Consumers are embracing it, c’mon businesses!  Every time a friend checks in, I am getting a potential referral (or not if you suck) to your business.  I see where my friends eat and play, and I want to go there.  If the business welcomed Foursquare users, I would want to go there more!
  • Stop setting up duplicate locations, and if you are a “super user”, help Foursquare clean them up!
  • Engage! there are a number of tools that Foursquare has to offer that users need to take advantage of (tips, to-do’s, engaging brands, etc).
  • If Foursquare is new to your area, stick with it, I get the impression that this business tool is here to stay (Not a sponsored message).

In rambling closing,

I would like to see more businesses (eat and play) using Foursquare.  We are already talking about you, you may as well know it and recognize.

Ben & Jerry’s (@cherrygarcia) GOOD JOB, I hope others follow your lead.



  1. I like your personal take on one Foursquare promotion. I have noticed that most businesses are leaving this opportunity on the table. The bigger brands are playing, but the small business, the ones who I think could be the biggest winners, are slow to jump on board.

  2. […] I have yet to see a company make good use of FourSquare.  I know those companies are out there (see previous post), but I have yet to experience “the free appetizer”.  Granted, I don’t get out […]

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