Posted by: Chad | July 16, 2010

Road Trip – RATT ‘n’ Roll

7-7-10 Evening

As for the past few summers, my family leaves for Minnesota to spend time with our Minnesota kin. I need a plan. As in past years, I usually do a little something for myself, camping, concert or something of the sort. Two summers ago it was a 5 hour road trip with my 2 man wolf pack to see LA Guns, Faster Pussycat and Bang Tango.  This evening I am searching the tours of some of my favorite bands.  LA Guns, no, they are in Oklahoma.  Faster Pussycat, no, central US also.  RATT, bingo, new album out, new tour, 4 hour drive.  I proceed to I-Tunes and purchase their new CD, Infestation, and burn two copies.

Throughout the evening and on the way to work the next day, I get through most of the music.  IT.  IS.  AWESOME.

7-8-10 Morning, 8:00am

I drop off the second copy at the desk of my posse, D.

7-8-10 Morning 9:30am

The Road Trip is confirmed.  The one man wolf pack is now 2.

7-13-10 NOON – 1/2 Day of work complete

We hit the road at 4:30 and arrived at The House of Blues in Myrtle Beach right about 8:30.  On the way to the floor (general admission) I stopped and bought 2 manisters of Bud Light ($19.50).  The ticket was cheaper.  The opening band had finished and RATT started shortly.  They opened with “You’re in Love”, followed by “Lay it Down” and “Lack of Communication”, 3 of my favorites.  Then they did one from the new album, “Take a Big Bite”.

As the 14 song set went on, they rolled with 2 others from the new album, (Infestation), “Best of Me” and “Last Call”.  Their new disc is very comparable to Out of the Cellar (1984).  If you like the band, get it.  They also played most of their best stuff, “Wanted Man”, Back for More”, “Slip of the Lip”, “Way Cool Jr.”, “I Want a Woman”, Lovin’ You’s a Dirty Job”, “Nobody Rides for Free” and closed the set with the classic, “Round and Round”.

All in all, it was a great show  Pearcy was right on and the sound was great in the House of Blues.  The biggest “surprise” of the show was Warren DeMartini, he was awesome (Tracii Guns awesome).  He never missed a beat.

It is probably a good thing that many about the 80’s are history, but I am glad the music is still around.


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