Posted by: Chad | August 3, 2010


Is your day driven by momentum?

Are you more productive when your day has solid momentum?

Are there things that take your momentum away?

Throughout any given day, there are a series of event that you have to deal with.  It starts when you wake up and ends when you go to sleep.  Your momentum for the day may drive your mood, your production and how you deal with the next situation.

There are many things throughout the day that may increase your momentum, a good nights sleep, a tasty breakfast, an early thank you from a co-worker, the completion of a project, a good phone conversation, a “light bulb” moment, a lunch with your wife or excitement about a new opportunity.  All of these events, big and small, could drive your momentum.

In contrast, there are similar events that could send momentum in the wrong direction, a restless nights sleep, a late wakeup that pushes you to work before you are ready, an 8:01 problem from a coworker, a “to do” list that grows, a call from a vendor that has messed up a project, a unhappy call from home or a meeting that only wastes time.

Do you feel the momentum you have or don’t have and how do you deal with it?

Can you keep your negative momentum swings to a minimum, or are you “all or nothing”?

Only so many negative momentum swings can happen in one day, so if you have one, deal with it, and move on.  Knock out some plus to offset the minus.

Create your own positive momentum, is there one person who you can count on for encouragement or a friendly word?  Is there one small task that you can always complete?

Keep momentum heading in the right direction, everything else will fall into place.



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