Posted by: Chad | September 2, 2010

Movies I watched in August

Inglourious Basterds (2009) – An interesting take on typically a touchy subject.  Brad Pitt was entertaining, and more often than not can not say that about him (While movies rarely put me to sleep, he has on a couple occasions).

The extremely graphic violence was very Quentin Tarantino, most notably the blood from the forehead in the final scene.

If you have not seen it, it is worth a rent and a single watch.  I am glad I saw it….once

Grand Torino (2008) – Once again, Clint Eastwood is bad ass.  Have you ever seen a movie that isn’t good when Clint plays that role.  Fold in with his bad assness a mean streak and some cursing and Clint is at his best.  The movie was funny at times, violent and had a good story line.

Though I could have done without the constant unnecessary racial slurs, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and would watch it again.



  1. ftr- the modern version was light years less bad than the original Inglourious Basterds. light.years. less.bad. cyasoon. #sss

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