Posted by: Chad | October 6, 2010

Anthrax. Megadeth. Slayer. Krystal Burger.

I guess this was one of those bucket list items.  A Slayer concert.  A buddy of mine got us sweet passes, so we headed down to the ATL last week to catch a show.

12 noon Friday.  Left Charlotte.  I took my “just in case I’m gone for 48 hours bag”, but forgot my passport.

1:30 PM: Lunch, oh sweet viands of the gods.

4:15 PM: We met our host Amie for the meet and greet with Megadeth

We got a shirt, a hatty, free drinks, ,food and some other junk.  I also caught some goodies during the show.

And of course we met the icon, Dave Mustaine.

I told Mr. Mustaine that the last time I saw him play was 22 years ago and asked if that made us old.  He said, “No, that makes you old”.  Can’t argue with that.  We were moved around very quickly, but managed to drink my fair share of weak Vodka Tonics.

5:45 ish PM we were taken to the floor and let go.  We had general admission tickets, so we had the pick of the place.

Front row, center seemed like the logical place to be.  I thought that if I held the rail, then I wouldn’t get caught in the mosh.  The boys and I held the rail for all three bands.

6:55 PM Anthrax took the stage.  Joey Belladonna could be one of the best front men ever.  Scott Ian….what can I say, he formed the band nearly 30 years ago and still doesn’t miss a beat.

Anthrax opened so they only did 7 songs.  They hit the good ones, Caught In The Mosh, Indians, I Am The Law and Antisocial, with that said, for my taste, they could have played longer.

8:05 PM Megadeth took the stage.  Mustaine came out in a Seinfeld puffy shirt, got rid of that pretty quick, then pulled out the wicked guitar.  What is there to say, he’s an icon.  They did “Rust In Peace” from front to back and closed with “Symphony Of Destruction” and “Peace Sells”.

Near the end of Megadeth, the “I wanna be Eddie from Maiden” dude made an appearance.  Not sure what that was all about.

7:45 PM The crowd was starting to get a little wild near the end of Megadeth, lots of folks crowd surfing over the top, lots of limbs flying.  Some dude in a wheel chair went surfing (with the chair).  He hit the air 3 times before the end of the night.  The pit was wild, but behind us.

8:05 PM Slayer took the stage.  They were the main reason I went, I had never seen Slayer.  I was a little scared.

Fast.  Fast.  Fast.  And.  Fast.  With amazing precision.

Slayer was great.  They never missed a note.  The pit went crazy.  The crowd was pushing.  Bodies were surfing over me and security was pulling them over the rail as fast as they could.  I am glad we got the front row, it kept us away from the heavy stuff.

One minor cut to the my noggin, by a boot coming over the top.  I found the boot after the show, it was still on his foot and he wouldn’t part with it.

1:50 AM Saturday.  Stopped at Krystal on the way home, they were closed.  Settled for a hot dog, a reese cup and a diet pepsi at the gas station.

3:00 AM Sleeping




  1. Thanks for taking us along! Did something simular with duchess this summer. Felt good to be twenty something again.

  2. […] It was a great show, basically adding Metallica to the last GREAT show I attended. […]

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