Posted by: Chad | November 9, 2010

I Made a Pizza and it was GOOD

I made my favorite pizza this weekend and I took pictures.  It is a derivative of a Greek Pizza recipe, but the recipe and my tolerance for such recipes are long gone.  So, now I wing it, and put on it what I want.

First, make some dough.  I use a mix, one of those “add a half cup of hot water” mixes.  even though I follow the measurements, I usually end up adding flour.  I think it actually helps the crust.  Flatten it on a greased cookie sheet.

Instead of pizza sauce, use pesto (there ya go, the secret ingredient)

Add sliced green olives.

Add sliced black olives.

Add artichokes.  I typically use marinated artichoke quarters and cut them up, just a rough cut, not a dice.

Add a layer of cheese.  Italian Blend or Mozzarella is fine.  This is a key move, when it melts, it keeps those first few ingredients together, rather than only melting cheese on the top and having all of the toppings come off.

Add chicken.  I usually buy it already cooked and give it a rough cut.

Add chopped red onions.

Add another layer of cheese.  A good thick layer on the top.  I probably used a pound or a pound and a half throughout the pizza, about 35% in the middle and the rest on top.

Bake it at 425.  Cook it until the top starts to brown.

Eat it.  (Take a picture before you get too far)


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