Posted by: Chad | January 1, 2011

Social Marketing Wishes for 2011

This blog post is dedicated to Mike Dukes, a friend of mine who loves it when I talk about Social Media.

To keep things in perspective, I am a marketer at a small/medium business.  I also use social media personally.  I want things that are work fairly simply and that can show a value.  If my boss says, “Why are you doing that?”, I need to be able to give a simple answer.  I also want there to be a simple reason, there are case studies and successes for every tool in social media, but if I have to dig for an obscure reason, it is not worth it.

These are my wishes (in no particular order) for Social Media in 2011.

1.  Do something cool with location based services

In all fairness, I am on Foursquare and have done little to nothing on TriOut or Gowalla, maybe I need to try the others, or maybe I need to educate myself more on Foursquare.  The agency that I work with has told me that they are no longer on Foursquare, and ask me why I am.  When I am asked that, I think of a scene from “The Incredible”, Bob says, “Well what are you waiting for?”, and the boy on the tricycle says, “I don’t know.  Something amazing, I guess”.  Personally, I don’t even need amazing, just something worth my time.

On Foursquare……….make it easier for companies to give out badges, you could dominate event marketing.  Make it easier for a company to give out a special, quicker.  Make check ins for employees and patrons.  Reward people (even a silly badge) for cleaning things up and making edits, far too many locations are set up multiple times.

2.  Lessen the noise on Twitter and find me some REAL people

I love Twitter.  But probably not for many of the reasons everyone else does.  Twitter is a great tool for pushing information to different places (from the food blog to Twitter to FriendFeed to our company website).  Twitter is a superb tool for tagging like information (#hashtags) at an event or during a Twitter chat.

I am not big on the celebrities, suggest some real folks to me.  Monetize Twitter for those who only sell on Twitter and for those who have over a certain number of followers.  Make it real for those who want it to be, and make it a business for those who want it to be.

3.  Keep in mind what we are all really doing…..

Talking, meeting people, socializing.  It is two way communication.  You are not better than everyone else, talking, talking and talking without listening will not benefit you.  Don’t be an elitist.

Sports personalities are bombarded with autograph requests, appearances, etc.  Social Media gives them an opportunity to interact with fans from the comfort of their back porch, so do it!  How long would it take your favorite sports star (or their personal assistant) to hit reply and type “thank you” to 500 well wishers after a game?  And if they did, how much social equity could they build? (and yes, some do, more could)

Do you respond to everyone who “retweets” you, mentions you or asks you a question on the web? You should.  At the same time, people miss things, don’t get too offended.

That’s all I have, just 3, after that, I am reaching……..Happy New Year


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