Posted by: Chad | February 12, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, a great, but unexpected year for a Packer Fan.  After a week 14 loss to the tradition bottom dwellers from Detroit and an injury to our starting quarterback, a game against New England did not look so good.

But, to the surprise of everyone, as the Packer back-ups have been filling in all year, so did our back up quarterback, with a good performance and a near miss at New England.  Rodgers was back for NY, a couple of wins against the Giants and Duh Bers was all that was needed for a 6th seed.

The run that was made in the playoffs will be something a Packer Fan will talk about for years, it was something dynasties are made of (Yes, you heard that right, DYNASTY).

When or if a Super Bowl was to be had, I knew where I would be.  I would not torment my friends with my colorful language or my un-objective green and gold views, only my family.  Rather, a few sarcastic comments from by Viking Fan wife and cheers from my girls who would humor me for one day.

The perfect day.

Brats, Lil’ Smokies, Cheese & Sausage

Of course, after they are boiled, you need to give them color and slow cook them with some kraut.

some games to pass the time (yes, she has dominated since the 90’s)

and some food

and the gear

We all know how the game went.  Though you may have felt the uneasiness of a close game, the Packers never trailed.  They won in spite of those same things that haunted the Pack throughout the year, injuries and dropped passes.

On to the reign as champions and the questions going into next year………

Will there be a season?

Will the Pack resign emotional leaders (Jenkins) and cult heros (Kuhn) ?

Will Mr Jones drop passes for another team next year, or will it be the Pack?

and, Is Aaron Rodgers the next coming of………


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