Posted by: Chad | April 27, 2011

My Obsession with foursquare

        I was going to call this post, “still waiting”.  I seem to have an odd obsession with foursquare.  I have checked in over 1000 times, added pictures, added “things done”, have battled to be mayor of 12 locations and have 23 badges and ….who cares?  The answer is nobody.
  I have used foursquare on the business side to give away prizes for check-ins at a trade show and I have used it on the consumer side to compliment and promote companies.  I am a model user, yet, after 1062 check-ins over 420 days, I have yet to see a company make good use of foursquare.  I know those companies are out there (see previous post), but I have yet to experience “the free appetizer”.  Granted, I don’t get out much, but my conclusion is, not enough companies are using this tool.
       Over the weekend I went to the Columbia Zoo, posted 6-8 pictures on foursquare (more than all other combined, in over 1000 visitors checking in).  I also went to Carowinds Amusement Park and checked-in and commented at every ride (see below).  Both GREAT opportunities for that business to reach out to someone (me) who is telling there friends about there day at the park/zoo.
       I am not even really looking for something free, as a marketer, I just want to see someone do something REALLY cool.  And …..  I am still waiting.
Saturday April 23, 2011
“Goin on that space needle thingy at Carowinds, my kind of ride”
Theme Park
 “Kids are fearless”
Theme Park
Theme Park
 “Cool, the kids got past the uncomfortable “daddy’s not included stage” …. And they are off”
Theme Park
 “At the exit, might see if I still got game”
Theme Park
 “Why go up if you are just coming back down anyway. Yup, scared, sitting out”
Theme Park
 “Gonna hafta sit out after that scream weaver, let the kids roll the old wood coaster”
Theme Park
 “Gotta do this one!”
Theme Park
 “Waiting at the exit, good place for me”
Theme Park
 “Just the kiddies, too scary for me”
Theme Park
 “Old school”


  1. I was living vicariously through your check ins, ad woulda been blown away if either location would have engaged ya. but, not everyone is into that whole sticky ‘client engagement thing’ even if they run a client engagement PLACE.
    their loss- but thanks for keeping us abreast of your antics!
    I am equally into 4sq, as a way to see who in the tribe is where, whats going on, and hopefully they are close enough to do some #sheeptossing. or roasting. or tedxing. or whatev. itykwim.

  2. Let’s face it. Not all people can be as sharp as you when it comes to Marketing. I just appreciate all the research you do and advice you give.

  3. the professor could write the book on “sticky client engagement” #sscl #rtfo #149

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