Posted by: Chad | May 14, 2011

What Happened in New Orleans?

A week ago, I got back from New Orleans.

New Orleans has got to be my new favorite city.  It just felt right.

Of course, we had great food, The Old Coffee Pot Restaurant and The Gumbo House were both excellent, from the atmosphere, to the “local” service to the food.  And of course, they both claimed to have the best bread pudding in town ….. I will tip my hat to the Old Coffee Pot Restaurant.

The music ….. we were there for 3 night, Mon, Tues & Wed, live music on every corner, and in between ….. I will tip my other hat to Trickback at Krazy Korner.

The mountains were cold and blue.

Checking in at the New Orleans airport got me my first foursquare prize, a luggage tag.

The cabbies were a bit surly.

There is a casino near Bourbon St. (that I never made it to, imagine that)

The people were great, and every bar we went to (really just 1, maybe 2) was like walking into Cheers ….. I will tip a third hat to @lmnahay at Bourbon Heat.

The long, grueling, physically demanding days at the trade show could have turned the week the other way, but this city made it feel right for everyone.

Sometimes ….. it just feels right.

Chad Hartman

@chadhartmanChad Hartman

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