Posted by: Chad | July 24, 2011

Building #the Twitter

A year ago my sister expanded her business and we decided to give her a bigger footprint on the ole WWW.  One of the social networks that I built was a Twitter feed.  It was being fed from the information she put on her Facebook page.    The idea was for a very basic feed to help push out her free information about organizing.

She is a professional organizer and though she can do her thing nationwide, her target was Southern California.  She lives there as do many current clients and prospects.

The basis for her Twitter feed was very simple.  First, follow people in Southern California who will follow her back.  Second, politely #followback real people who follow her.  Third, send out a valuable piece of information at least every other day.  No tools, no tricks, just a good social network built follower by follower.

One year has past and she has 1050 followers.  199 tweets were sent.  She was retweeted 38 times and mentioned a total of 67 times.

I felt that the location of the followers was very important, and those results are also good.  18% (189) of her followers did not declare a location (ie. “anywhere you want me”).  Of those that declared a location, 55% (473) were in Southern California, 30% (259) were in other parts of the US, and 15% (129) were international.

The polite #followback “rule” hurt the statistics over time, as the first 500 followers painted a much better picture.  435 of those followers declared a location, 73% (319) of those were in Southern California and 20% (87) were in other parts of the US.

Though the type of business (BtoC) and the large population area (LA-ish) aided in the growth of this feed, the theory was solid.

The Organized Connection can be found on Twitter @organizeconnect


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