Posted by: Chad | August 24, 2011

Lunch: Brains with a side of #instigator

Went to a luncheon today with the folks from #prsaclt, got to hear Geno Church talk about the good stuff he is doing with the Brains on Fire folks down in Greenville.

Lately the gerbils have been working overtime as I consider “good” marketing.  Looking back at the lunch and browsing back through the tweets, the light bulb finally cracked through the haze.

So, there are these periphery pieces of marketing that folks do out in black and white areas of the target, maybe like tossing a one-time ad in because you were cold called by a cheap rate or blindly sending out an untargeted email.

So then, we get to the blue and red,  here is where a little more effort gets put in, but the tools still dictate.  “You follow me on Twitter, so you must have read my junk.”  This is where you put together decent campaigns and you might, in some cases get decent results.

Finally, the yellow sweet spot that Geno was talking about, the movement, not just the campaign.  WOM.  Walk with your customers, don’t just talk to them.  Evangelists.  #Fiskateers (you know the story).

We all want to think we market to the sweet spot, but do you really put in the effort?  Do you find the ‘customers’ with passion, do you listen to them.

My number one take away (paraphrased to the best of my aging memory) was that BOF listens to their clients and does not let the shiny new marketing tools dictate the direction.

Of course, pulling off Alice Cooper, Kiss and Spinal Tap in the same presentation was solid.

And, I will leave you with the image from my favorite slide (exact color a bit sketch)


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