Posted by: Chad | December 3, 2011

(Shark) Fishing in Florida

Thanksgiving this year could not have been better, a visit to the parents, Packer football, shark fishing and the warmest weather we have seen since heading south for the holiday weekend.

The traditional day after we were in Sanibel Island shark fishing.  We were actually just “fishing”, but since we caught more Hammerhead shark than any other creature, we will call it shark fishing.

Hammerhead shark can grow to 20ft long, here are the monsters we caught.

We also caught redfish, hardhead catfish (aka tourist trout), and one of these, yeesh …..

I also had a bit of a mishap with a sandwich tern so if you are an animal lover and want to spread the love this holiday season, spread some here The bird was safely released, in good health, 2 days later.

I couldn’t help myself Saturday morning, the sun came up and the pond behind Chuck’s condo looked to good to pass up.  Every cast the fake worm was getting hammered.  (note to self: more fishing in golf course ponds next year)

I caught you a delicious bass (or 2)

Even Chuck got into the action

I say it every year, but next year, more fishing



  1. Thanks for the blog Chad. Loved the photos. Also happy you included Crow- information. They are a great organization.

  2. Love looking at your cool vacation photos!

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