Posted by: Chad | March 12, 2012

The QR Code

I can honestly say, I was a bit torn on the uses of and how I wanted to use QR Codes for Marketing in my industry.

I have seen their widespread use at marketing conference, where marketing guys (and gals) like show other marketing guys (and gals) cool marketing stuff.  I have seen them on massive banners on the sides of buildings and along the roadsides, yes, basically useless.  I have used them myself to point to extended product information, but nothing past that.

So, the question is, in my world (food product marketing), where do marketers use QR Codes and what do they use them for?

I scanned 34 QR Codes in 7 different trade magazines.

In one (1) business magazine, I scanned 6 QR Codes: 3 went to a company website, 1 went to a product information page and 1 went to a virtual showroom tour and the final displayed text saying. “mention this QR Code for one free hour of remote service, 555-555-5555”

In three (3) food magazines, I scanned 8 QR Codes ( 5 in one, 2 and 1): 5 of them went to company websites (one site was in a foreign language), 1 went to a “request a sample” form, 1 was a discount gateway to register for an event and one I noted as a GREAT information page from US Soy.

In three (3) packaging magazines, I scanned 20 QR Codes (15 of them were in one magazine).  The uses for these were widespread; 11 went to instructional videos, 6 went to company websites, 1 article, 1 info page and 1 free offer in which the QR Code was no longer active (go figure).

I discussed my findings later with a friend and pointed out that it was good to see the variety of uses, and that I felt pointing to websites was not very original.  My friend pointed out that it was easier than keying word/backslash/word/backslash, etc.  Good point.

In closing, not only did I get a good look at the print/online marketing cross-over, I realized the possibilities for delivering massive amounts of quality content appear endless using QR Codes.



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