Posted by: Chad | June 8, 2012

The Greatest Minds in B2B Marketing #BMAGrow

For the past 5 year, with the support of my employer and our local chapter, BMA Carolinas, I have had the opportunity to meet with the greatest minds in B2B marketing for a few days each and every year.  This has created many friendships and given me the knowledge and support to TRY to be the best at what I do … YES, this conference, and YES, this organization.

I wrote about it LAST YEAR and the conference only got better.

The best POST I have seen so far this year, from Tell Your Story Brand Communication.

A nice BIT in B2B Magazine.

Some of my thoughts from this year:

  • Social is big.  It is a huge part of the B2B Marketing mix and it is a huge part of our lives.  The rubber meets the road when our business life and that marketing meet.  Kind of like going to the store for a Coke, blowing your nose with a Kleenex or using a Post-It note.
  • “culture is what you do and how you do it” ….. “brand is the image you create and experience you deliver” ….. “marketing isn’t a function, it is the integrated fabric that makes the firm run” ….. thank you for that Motorola, and yes George, Eduardo is smooth
  • Jim Stengel was one of my favorite speakers (former CMO, P&G).  I loved his take on P&G and B2B Marketing, went something like this ….. “P&G sells to businesses, they also put some money in, to create demand” …. he also said, “start big, start small, just start”, I couldn’t agree more
  • “seek participants, not targets” – Kathy Button Bell (She also will win the award for, my favorite person I met for the first time that won’t remember me)
  • Stephen Liguori said, “If you can figure out how your customer wins, you will never go wrong”.
  • Fred Reichheld was awesome, note to self: learn more about the Net Promoter Score.
  • Guy Kawasaki was a great speaker, 1st timer for me.  He said to check out the Justin Bieber Movie for marketing lessons ….. I will (don’t tell my kids)

On a more social note:

  • The “networking” at the conference is great, Paris Club for Chapter Leaders (buffet of lobster tails and shrimp as big as your thumb), House of Blues for ALL attendees, meet the CMO, all stellar ideas
  • I love seeing the chapter leaders from around the country, KC and Chicago came strong this year, and Colorado always does
  • Yes, some friends humored be with a trip to the best pizza in the world, Giordanos

My favorite statements of the week (forgive me for not citing the source):

  • People buy from people they know, like and trust
  • Customers need contrast to move away from the incumbent

The bottom line:

Gary Slack put on one heck of a conference.

These guys are awesome too….

See you next year.



  1. Great summary Chad. I walked away with so much ready-to-use learnings, it’s amazing. And agree that Elton and Greg are awesome.

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