Posted by: Chad | March 11, 2013

Has it really been that long?

Very recently, I ran into a ‘social media’ tool that reminded me of my love/hate relationship with social (mostly hate).

Over 3 years ago, my friend Scott posed the question, “Can You Quit Social Media?”

My answer was, “not entirely”.  Since then, I have been more in the camp of, “Show me a good business purpose and I’ll bite”.  So, from there, I am slow to try and even slower adopt personally.  For me personally, I have never found that social medium that I want, really want.  The one that I could not quit.

Until I met you  .. I love you YELP

Yes, I know you have been around for years and I didn’t notice.  But, I did now.

Why the sudden love?

  • you play well with iPhone, especially your maps
  • I need to find a restaurant for upcoming travel, bookmark it, and map it later, you are there for me
  • you let me make a restaurant reservation, right now
  • you are so much more that a place to eat
  • monocle is cool (doo-rag and shades cool)
  • you help me know what I am getting into, I like to know what I am getting into

So, I will amend my answer of 3 years ago to, “If all social tools had the real life value of Yelp, no I would not quite”

Don’t miss the watermelon incident here:

Because every post needs a picture



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