Posted by: Chad | January 11, 2014

Clients, Agencies and Trust

Recently I was taken aback This morning I was punched in the face by a piece I read on client/agency relationships.  Here you go Hank, here is the link you probably wanted  .

Hank, sir, if what I have read is true, bottom line, you do not trust clients.

I am on the client side.  I do the marketing for a medium size manufacturer/distributor.  I have a budget.  I work with 3 (yes 3) local agencies.  I market B2B.  I chose these agencies based on quality, service, trust, and of course, cost.  I believe that I use each agency for what I know they do GREAT.  They understand my business.  If one of them brings me a “free” idea, there is either a yes, or a no.  There is no theft involved.

These relationships did not start with RFP’s, fake budgets, free ideas or agency reviews.  They started with friendships, referrals and TRUST.  If I work with an agency (or any other partner for that matter), I trust them, and I want them to trust me.  I want them to do the right thing and I will do the right thing.

Hank, there are more clients like me, than like the ones you describe.

My advice to agencies:

  • build relationships
  • engage your clients, personally, professionally and consistently, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, on LinkedIn and face-to-face.  Find a soft spot.  Do they like the banter on Twitter? Do they go to an association meeting the second Wednesday of the month?
  • Your friends and family typically do not rip you off, if you treat your clients as such, they will not either

My advice to clients:

  • agencies are partners, it is a two way street
  • if you work appropriately with agencies, they can be a beautiful addition to your marketing department
  • working with an agency is not a transaction, be nice

I will step down now. #OffSoapBox


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