Posted by: Chad | June 5, 2014

My yearly Chicago trip #BMA14

This one is for the marketing types.  If you are looking for the one where I threw a watermelon off a roof, go HERE


Once again I was fortunate enough to attend the best B2B marketing conference of the year … Where b2s’s going! #BMA14

The conference was filled with great speakers, here are my favorite moments and best lessons from the event:

1. A great talk from USG CEO Jim Metcalf, with an assist from Greg Gumbel.  Who would have thought drywall was so interesting?

2. The Video that Phil Clement, CMO, AON showed us … did you see it?

3. The strongest statement of day 1 … CMO Gary Briggs from Facebook told us that more people are using Facebook on mobile than will ever use it on a desktop … my thoughts … as mobile takes over, marketing space shrinks, our message has to be better, and different.  The tables have turned, customers will use their device of choice to find what they want.

4. Greg Olson and his Twitter team were in beast mode all week, if you want to see the best Twitters of the event, check him out at @digitalolson

5. The best panel discussion of the week was Jeffrey Hayzlett from Bloomberg TV, who brought the C-Suite on the road.  To wrap up his session, he asked each CMO for one word in marketing moving forward … by the end of the week, those 4 words pretty much summed up the week … Personalization, Relevance, Mobile and Cloud

6. Heather Teskey, VP-Strategy & Marketing from Hallmark Business Connections gave us the most beautifully polished and mezmerizing 15 minutes of the week, she challenged everyone … what are you passionate about? what can you be best at? what is your hedgehog?

7. Tim Washer mixed some comedy with marketing and gave us the single best slide of the week


8. Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer & CMO @corpv,  talked to us about “the hammock” in the sales process.  At the beginning of the sales presentation you have 70% of your customers attention, as the presentation continues, attention dips to 20%, then you pull out … “in conclusion” and your customer gives you his full attention.  Salespeople need to get better in the meat of the presentation and close “the hammock”

9. Jill Rowley, THE social selling expert, tells us that 78% of sales people using social media outsell their peers … my thoughts … social is another way to connect, if potential customers are there, you should be too

10. The #1 Highlight of the week was Gary Vaynerchuk for lunch.  Gary tells it like it is, the first F-bomb was dropped 38 seconds in.  We also walked away with the best and most actionable advice … key messages from Gary:

  • Market like it is 2014, why use old tools and tactics, use 2014 tools!
  • Triple down on what you are good at
  • Personalize – we heard many great stories about how Gary takes care of individuals
  • depth not width – the days of casting a wide net are over

11. 3 things NOT to do with Marketing Automation: select too quickly, consider too few and start too small (from @BMAGlobal14)

12. We heard from the BMA’s YP’s (Young Professionals) and got some prospective from them both during the conference … and after


13. Jay Baer kicked off day 3 with a thought provoking talk

  • Ask yourself every morning, is your marketing so useful that people would pay for it?
  • Be nice, it pays
  • #b2c is training your customers to expect more from business
  • Do we know specifically where our customers learn, and are we present there?

14. Author Brent Adamson told us your number one competitor is your customer and their ability to learn on their own.

I have had the pleasure of attending this conference for 7 years, each year build on the previous year and each year becomes “the best ever”. A special thanks to crew that makes this week memorable every year … you know who you are





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