Posted by: Chad | October 18, 2014

Anniversary Weekend on the Coast

Anniversary weekend is usually a trip to the mountains, but as we looked forward to the weekend, our choices were a rainy 60 degree weekend in the mountains or a sunny 90 degree weekend on the ocean. We went ocean. Leaving Saturday morning, we hit Tybee Island, Savannah, Charleston and Sullivan’s Island before returning home Sunday night. Here is the weekend through the eyes of my new toy, the Sketch Master app

photo 2   photo 13 (5)   photo 3  Tybee Island

photo 14 (5)  photo 13 (3)  photo 12 (2)  St Philip’s Church

photo 12 (3)  photo 13 (4)  photo 13 (2)  Cemeteries

photo 14 (4)  photo 14 (3)  photo 13 (1)  photo 12 (1)  Rainbow Row and The Battery

photo 4  photo 12 (5)  photo 5


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