Posted by: Chad | May 2, 2016

What’s in a Title?

Funny thing titles, a good book title can pull you in, you can commit based on the title. My last two months of books were an interesting lot, a few, chosen for the title.  I read “Open Doors: small print, small print, small print” (and a big picture of Jim Morrison on the front)… I paid $1.99 on Kindle for it, the worst 2 bucks I ever spent and the worst book I ever read. I read “Metallica, This Monster Lives” (insert excitement for a book about Metallica). The small print …The inside story of the hit film, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, but, it was good. In “Thirst”, Russian war veterans were searching for a comrade, and … drinking Vodka. Here is the full compliment for March & April …


Favorite (non-business book): Do Travel Writers Go to Hell? … loved this one, a great story about how completing a project, and a project that everyone seems to think highly of, was a hellish (or maybe awesome) journey.

A great “business” book: Though I often find it very difficult to get through “most” business/work type books, Steal Like An Artist, was excellent and taught me three lessons that I will always remember. 1. There is no original material, everything has been done, find what you like, and make it better. 2. Before you ask a question, Google it, you will either get the answer or ask a better question. 3. Consider daily: what is the best thing that happened to you today? (write it down).

Currently Reading: Lost On Planet China, J. Maarten Troost

Wish List: something by Robert A. Heinlein

About half the lot (The Stranger, both Hitchhiker’s Guides, Shipwrecked and Open Doors) was read on Spring Break, warm mornings, hot coffee, a porch facing the ocean and the sunrise and a good book. You can’t beat it.

I also caught this beauty on Spring Break …




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