Posted by: Chad | February 15, 2017

Another Lotus Flower?

vegasDear Las Vegas,

I love you. I hate you. I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

Those who indulge, indulge at the highest levels, and love it. You can feel the desperation in the air, those who are desperate, show desperation like none other and I hate to see that.

5am East Coast work time. Sleep is a luxury. All senses are working OT.

Your air is bad, really bad. Your water is worse. $.99 Arizona Ice Tea is my hero. You shouldn’t have built on a desert.

On the strip, I saw a police office covering a body with a tarp, after the area had been taped off for hours. I hope things were not as they seemed.

Thank you Giordano’s, for joining the party, and my maiden voyage at IN-N-OUT Burger, well done.

FTR, I broke even with a late win, but was willing to pay for the love of the game.

If there is a doctor on the plane, please push your call button … I blame Vegas

Until next time … take care …

Dinner on The Strip #Vegas #lifeinthechadlane #KennyRogers

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