Posted by: Chad | March 27, 2017

Your First 15 Lives

  At age 3 the deja vu kicks in and you start to realize that you have been here before, by age 4, you remember it all, from age 3 to 60 or 70 something … whenever you passed of natural causes. A lifetime of knowledge and clear memory … and you are 4. Typically, your kind will go crazy at this point, you end your second, and 4 years later, you are in your 3rd life with a bit more understanding of the situation.

In later lives you realize you can manipulate the situation and live comfortably. You can change what you want, and leave the rest the same. You find others who are in your same situation, and you help each other. After a half dozen lives you realize there are good and bad people of your kind, messing with history and creating the future. You can choose to fight the fight … or use your knowledge for good … or lay low and continue to improve the same thing, life after life.

At this point, you are pretty sure that if you go, you will be back. You can be careless or carefree. You can try it again and again, in hopes of getting it right. 

Would you take the same journey, life after life?

With the same people?

In the same place?

I can’t say that I would take Harry’s road. I don’t need to manipulate the future, nor stop others from doing so. I could not watch a former life go by, while I choose another. I would be comfortable with peace in knowing and avoiding.

… and I would definitely bet on the Packers in ’96 and 2010.

Definitely worth the read.


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